Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Artfest 2009: DAY 3

These are before and after pics of work I did in Tiphoni's "Abstract Theory" class. I really enjoyed the class. Tiphoni is laid back and a good teacher. We hardly had to bring any materials for this class, and since we were only "experimenting" there was no project to complete and it ended up being a completely NO-PRESSURE class. Plus, scribbling in ink with a dropper just felt so darn goooooood!

One of the "tools" I used for this drawing was a bunch of brown enoki mushrooms that the teacher brought in from an Asian food store. She also had a piece of lotus root (renkon), which my neighbor used, and a bamboo caligraphy pen, which I used to make the black lines around the egdes of this drawing. I love that there were Japanese things to draw with!

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