Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My morning Smoothie

Most mornings I have a huge Smoothie for breakfast. There are all kinds of recipes out there for Smoothies, but I like to use what I have and experiment. Here's how I make mine.

Yes, those are some very brown (and very sweet) bananas. The inside was perfectly fine.  I add fruit for natural fiber, sweetness and vitamins, and veggies for nutrients such as protein, calcium, fiber, etc.  I try to sneak in at least half a carrot and/or half a cucumber, plus a stalk or so of celery, and a fist-ful of leafy greens whenever I can. Sometimes I can vaguely taste the celery or cucumber in the background, but over all it's the fruit that you can taste and smell the most. Note: The lemon is peeled and the whole fruit (without skin) is added since I am making a HUGE jug of smoothies (makes 4-5 servings). Please adjust to your recipe. 1/4 or even 1/2 of a peeled lemon may be all you need. Too much makes it very sour!

My smoothies are always Vegan (no animal products such as milk, yogurt or honey).  I mix all this with cold water and ice cubes during the Summer. In cool months, room temperature water seems cold enough.

After blending to a smooth texture, I add some SUPERFOODS. In this case, alkalinizing Chlorella for cell detox,  some Midori Greens (I love the mild taste and it has so many things in it!) and a tablespoon of energizing Chia seeds. The Chlorella is the "Secret Ingredient" that make my smoothies the color of the inside of your cousin's baby's nappy. However, I can vouch that my smoothies actually taste like apples or bananas, or whatever fruit I have on hand that day, no matter what this may look like to you! It's all apple-banana flavor AND smell- promise!  :) 

A view from them top. Looks good!

 This smoothie was very thick. I make them thick if I am having them as a meal replacement, or if it is a cooler day and I feel the need more something substantial. I have made thin, watery smoothies as well, which taste better on very hot days in the Summer time.

And voila! I've posed my drink next to the persimmons I used in it for comparison. The chlorella powder does a great job of dying nearly everything a vivid greeeeeeeeeeen color but I assure you the taste is very fruity and delicious! 

My recipe changes every few days or every week, as new fruits of the season become available. Some days I have strawberry-apple-carrot smoothie, and some days it's orange-apple-carrot smoothie. I like to make them not only by taste, but also by color. If I am feeling the need for a very RED or ORANGE color, I will NOT add Chlorella powder, which would ruin the lovely color of the fruit!! IN that case, I might add some other type of (not green) SUPERFOOD such as hemp seeds or flax seeds for extra ooomph!! 

So, what would you like in YOUR smoothie?