Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful People

I saw an amazing video today about the beautiful Omo people of Ethiopia, who use their own bodies as canvas, looking lovely in almost nothing except for the creative body paint, flowers and leaves they choose to decorate themselves with.
After seeing the video, I immediately googled the photographer, Hans Sylvester, but didn't find much on him except that he is an accomplished nature photographer. So then I went over to Amazon and found "Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa."
I ordered "Natural Fashion" and can't wait to delve into it when it gets here! There was also a 2-book set by the same photographer: Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley. Nice but a little pricey at $78.00.
Also found a book by photographer Carol Beckwith called African Ceremonies, and I am sooooo coveting the 2-book hardcover edition!
The only reason I didn't order African Ceremonies is because Amazon for some reason refuses to ship this overseas. I have tried buying a used copy of the set from the various people listed on Amazon, and though there are several used sets of this book listed for about $40, none are able to ship overseas. I did find one seller selling this for $105 that would ship overseas, but when you compare $40 to $105 (not including shipping to Japan) the splurge becomes less enticing. Maybe I should have it sent to my mother's place in the USA and have her forward it to me?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Technically it's a sketchbook....

...but it is starting to look more and more like an art journal. Well, I actually don't know, so tell me- what is the DIFFERENCE?

One would think a sketchbook would be full of "sketches" and an art journal would be full of "art." One sounds more humble than the other, and one sounds somewhat pretentious. How do you know the difference? Oh, and by the way, I have never kept a "journal" of any kind in my entire life. I guess I never really felt there was anything about my life worth writing about. So when I think of an art journal, I think of there basically just being some art in it, with the journaling part being entirely optional.

When I look back at the sketches, or "art" I have made, I remember the ideas, feelings, and events that were going on and which inspired me to make the art in the first place. Is that not basically the same as what a journal does, i.e. remind you of the moment? I think rather than "Art Journal, " I might prefer the term "Visual Journal." It seems less highbrow and more true to the way I use it- as a visual way to remember important moments or feelings that have passed.